A greenhouse around the corner

About us


Coonara Community HouseThe A Greenhouse Around the Corner website is all about providing energy efficiency information to the adult and community education sector, including:

  • neighbourhood houses
  • community learning centres
  • community colleges
  • other locally based, not for profit organisation who offer adult education programs.

This website is all about providing useful resources to community education providers who want to learn more about energy efficiency.


The Greenhouse around the corner TV series is a spin-off of the Channel 31/Digital 44 series A house around the corner, which showcases the incredible range of educational programs and community activities available.

A house around the cornerMore about the series

To date, there have been two series.

Series one presented us with the diversity of activities run through a variety of community houses. The community houses were in metropolitan and rural settings but all very focussed on the needs of their particular communities.

Series two focused on the stories of individuals and their journeys from their first introduction to a community house through volunteering, short courses or other house activities.