A greenhouse around the corner


Installing solar power

INSTALLING SOLAR POWER Additional resources ATA, Solar electricity ebooklet ATA, GreenPower Clean Energy Council Clean Energy Regulator Solar Accreditation Related fact sheets Fact sheet 17: Shopping around for a better energy deal Fact sheet 19: Installing solar power

Shopping around for a better energy deal

SHOPPING AROUND FOR A BETTER ENERGY DEAL Additional resources Australian Energy Regulator Australian Energy Regulator, Switching sites Energy Made Easy Price comparator websites Government Switch On Victoria Your choice Commercial sites http://electricitywizard.com.au http://youcompare.com.au http://energy.iselect.com.au Other useful contact information Indigenous Info…

Understanding passive solar design

UNDERSTANDING PASSIVE SOLAR DESIGN Video script Additional resources Alternative Technology Association Australian Green Building Council Green Building Council Australia, Choosing a good green consultant Your Home, Technical Manual for Passive Solar Design Related fact sheets Fact sheet 16: Understanding passive…

Engagement strategies

ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES Additional resources Carbon Compass, Conduct a visual inspection checklist Ergon Energy, Motivating your staff YouTube, Three myths of behaviour change Related fact sheets Fact sheet 2: Being an energy efficient leader in your community Fact sheet 15: Signage…